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 The Australian cockroach is a common species of tropical cockroach, with a length of 23–35 mm. It is brown overall, with the tegmina having a conspicuous lateral pale stripe or margin, and the pronotum with a sharply contrasting pale or yellow margin. 

What do cockroaches look like? 

German cockroaches

There are around 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide and about 450 species in Australia, but very few are pests. The three main types of cockroaches commonly found in homes and businesses in Australia include the German cockroach, Australian cockroach and American cockroach

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Fleas are very difficult to catch due to their ability to jump. There are a few different species of fleas in Australia. While the most common flea prefers to feed on the blood of cats and dogs, fleas can feed on human blood. A common name for fleas is sand fleas

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Bed bugs

Increasing numbers of bed bug infestations have been reported in Australia, often in accommodation venues such as backpackers' hostels, motels and family homes. Bed bugs can be transported long distances in the seams of clothing, luggage, bedding and furniture. Adult bugs are able to survive more than a year without a blood meal. 


The two most common types of rats that live in suburban Australia are the Black Rat (also known as roof rat) and the Brown Rat (also known as the Norway Rat). Both of these rats were introduced from Asia and are known as 'True rats'. They have a well known history of carrying pests and diseases. 

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Domestic silverfish are common inhabitants of houses and are often found in dark sheltered areas. ... Whilst they don't bite,silverfish are a creepy nuisance that can be destructive to your belongings. They feed mainly on paper and fabric found around the home. 

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Australia has a number of highly venomous spiders, including the Sydney Funnel-web, its relatives in the family Hexathelidae, and the Redback Spider, whose bites can be extremely painful and have historically been linked with deaths in medical records. 

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There are around 360 species of termites in Australia, but only a small number cause economic damage to crops, timber and other cellulose-based products. The majority of termites are of great benefit to ecosystems through recycling dead and rotten timber and other plant matter and as a source of food to many animals. 

Termites have different feeding habits and preferences and differing potential for causing damage. So it is important to identify the species of termite in an infestation to provide the most effective long-term control of the pests.